Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Annual Jake Cavanaugh Turkey Bowl

Four years ago, Jordan and his brothers – Justin, Luke and his twin, Clayton Whitworth – called a few friends together to play some Thanksgiving holiday flag football.
Last year Jordan got the word out among the Blue Springs, Blue Springs South, and Grain Valley football communities that the game would be a charitable event for Jake.  Jordan said, “We didn’t have any idea what the response would be, we had 21 teams sign up and 19 played.  It was pretty amazing.”    
Luke brought us $500 to help with expenses – Jake was very touched by the support and honored that they thought of him and our family.       
In January, Luke contacted us and said he and his brothers wanted to rename the tournament to The Annual Jake Cavanaugh Turkey Bowl.  Curt, Ali, and I want to thank Justin, Luke, Jordan and Clayton Whitworth for their desire to rename the tournament.   It means so much to us and we are proud to be aligned with a group that wants to help others.  
The Annual Jake Cavanaugh Turkey Bowl will be held Friday, November 25th at Blue Springs High School, Peve Stadium.  There will be approximately 20 teams with 12 – 15 people on each team.  We will be selling t-shirts with sponsor’s names on the back.  Sponsors will also be mentioned on this website, Jake’s Caring Bridge page and on posters and fliers.  We are asking that each sponsor donate $250.00.  If you are interested in being a sponsor for the event, you can e-mail me at  Please make checks payable to The Jake Cavanaugh Foundation.    
We are very close to getting our 501(c) (3) tax exempt status and will be able to provide that to you before the end of the year.
Thank you on behalf of the Jake Cavanaugh Foundation and our family.
As Jake would say “Peace”,
The Cavanaughs

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  1. Pumped about this! It's gonna be a great event, it always has been, but now it's actually organized!